Before & After School

Supportive and educational morning and afternoon programs

A well-balanced mix of independent and organized activities our programs provide educational and recreational opportunities for all attendees.

Our program provides an involving experience for all students, while giving order and routine to their mornings and afternoons. Complemented by homework support, team-building exercises, and physical activity. At Texas Kids exciting and educational mornings or afternoons wait for your child.


We set students up for productive school days through an effective morning routine
• Self-awareness
• Integrity
• Responsibility and sense of purpose


Independent and large-group activities, team-building games, and collaboration experiences. 

  • Independence
  • Reflection and independent thinking
  • Personal responsibility
  • Sense of community

Learning Center

Our team is so happy to help your children develop properly through hands-on learning and fun experiences. Learning important behavioral skills that can be applied to real world daily experiences.

Physical Development

Our Team will Show you child how to have fun with movement, balance and motor skills.
With organized play the children can climb, run, jump on our age appropriate and safe playgrounds.

With Love and Care

We have the most caring and loving teachers, so be sure our child is safe and happy with our team. Children build memories by learning to develop words, recognizing sound and exploring different textured materials.


Sign language, Spanish, English, story time, listening centers, reading, and writing. Your child will develop literacy skills to enhance their love for reading.

We encourage you to come and visit one of our facilities and see for yourself.